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Railroads Call for Additional Safety Improvements, Aggressive Phase out of Older Cars


The Association of American Railroads is calling for safety improvements to oil tank cars. Here is what they propose:
•Increase federal tank car design standards for new cars, or retrofit existing cars to include:

  • an outer steel jacket around the tank car and thermal protection,
  • full-height head shields,
  • and high-flow capacity pressure relief valves;

•Require additional safety upgrades to those tank cars built since 2011, including:

  • installation of high-flow-capacity relief valves, and
  • design modifications to prevent bottom outlets from opening in the case of an accident;

•Aggressively phase out older-model tank cars used to move flammable liquids that cannot be retrofitted to meet new federal requirements, and eliminate the option for rail shippers to classify a flammable liquid with a flash point between 100 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit as a combustible liquid.
The complete document can be found here.

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