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DOT-111 Exclusive: Video Footage of BNSF Derailment – Rush Creek


September 22, 2016 | | Ferryville, WI — [Editorial]  Two days of flooding rain caused numerous mudslides and flash floods along the Upper Mississippi River Basin. First responders, emergency management and the WI DOT were on the lookout for problems along Wisconsin’s roads but one must wonder why BNSF allowed trains to travel through areas hit with up to nine inches of rain without first inspecting the rail lines. What were they thinking? Especially when railroads such as BNSF haul oil and ethanol trains with over 3 million gallons aboard through environmentally sensitive areas. Laws need to be enacted that prevent trains from transporting hazardous materials in flood warned areas until complete inspections can be preformed. We can not and should not allow railroads to put profit ahead of safety.

[Here’s an aerial video of the embankment wash-out that caused the derailment of the BNSF train.]




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